101 Urbanisms

Photo credit: jvc on flickr

Photo credit: jvc on flickr

My recently completed ABCs of Urbanism series looked into 26 fields of urban studies.  While this may have seem an exhaustive list (and it certain felt like one  when writing it!), it is only a small sample.

To illustrate the number and diversity of thinking on urbanism, I have created this list of 101 urbanisms.  Lest you think I pulled these from thin air, I made sure that each one has at least one meaningful link on Google; several have books or serious academic journals dedicated to them.

The asterisked (*) text refers to the urbanisms included in my ABCs.  The other linked items are books with that title on Amazon (affiliate).

101 Urbanisms

Accessible Urbanism

Adaptive Urbanism*

Agrarian Urbanism

Agricultural Urbanism

Agora Urbanism


Augmented Urbanism

Behavioral Urbanism

Big Urbanism*

Border Urbanism

Braided Urbanism

Bricole Urbanism

Bypass Urbanism

Clean Urbanism

Collaborative Urbanism*

Dialectical Urbanism

Digital Urbanism

Disconnected Urbanism

DIY Urbanism*

Ecological Urbanism

Emergent Urbanism

Everyday Urbanism*

Exotic Urbanism

Future Urbanism

Fractal Urbanism

Fine-Grained Urbanism*

Generic Urbanism*


Green Urbanism

Guerilla Urbanism

Gypsy Urbanism

Healthy Urbanism*

Holistic Urbanism

Holy Urbanism/td>

Indigenous Urbanism

Informal Urbanism*

Infrastructural Urbanism

Instant Urbanism

Integral Urbanism

Introvert Urbanism

Inverted Urbanism

Jacobsian Urbanism*

Kinetic Urbanism*

Landscape Urbanism*

Layered Urbanism

Living Urbanism

Magical Urbanism

Market Urbanism

Messy Urbanism*

Mobile Urbanism

Networked Urbanism

New (Sub)Urbanism

New Urbanism*

Noir Urbanism

Nonconforming Urbanism

Nuclear Urbanism

Occupancy Urbanism

Open Source Urbanism*

Opportunistic Urbanism

P2P Urbanism

Paid Urbanism*

Parametric Urbanism

Participatory Urbanism

Political Urbanism

Post-Modern Urbanism

Post-Traumatic Urbanism

Propagative Urbanism

Provocative Urbanism

Queer (anti)Urbanism


Radical Urbanism

Real Urbanism

Recombinant Urbanism

Relational Urbanism

Resilient Urbanism

Retrofit Urbanism*

Retrofuture Urbanism

Second Rate Urbanism

Slum Urbanism

Social Urbanism

Stereoscopic Urbanism

Suburban Urbanism

Sustainable Urbanism*

Temporary Urbanism*

Trace Urbanism

Transnational Urbanism

True Urbanism

Unitary Urbanism

Utopian Urbanism*

Vertical Urbanism

Village Urbanism

Vernacular Urbanism*

Walkable Urbanism*

Water Urbanism

Web Urbanism

Xeriscape Urbanism


Yuppie Urbanism*

Zoomorphic Urbanism

Zip Car Urbanism*

Amazingly, even this lengthy list is by no means exhaustive.  MONU, the Magazine of Urbanism has published 13 issues to date, many on urbanisms not listed here, such as Beautiful Urbanism and Exotic Urbanism. Moreover, during my research into the ABCs of Urbanism, I discovered even more urbanisms that intrigued me, including micro urbanism and pop-up urbanism.  I hope to explore these in future posts.

I’m sure I am missing even more. If you have a favorite urbanism that is missing from this list, let me know in the comments section.

Yuri Artibise

Yuri Artibise is an experienced policy analyst, community engagement practitioner and social media specialist. I have a Master of Public Administration degree with over 10 years of public policy research, analysis, and advocacy experience.