ABCs of Urbanism eBook

I recently completed my ABCs of Urbanism series.  Over 13 weeks between September and December 2010, I wrote two posts a week focusing on a different field of urban thought. Over the course of writing each of these 26 entries I covered a range of urban theories and phenomena, ranging from the fanciful to the  rudimentary. In writing this series, I’ve learned a lot more about some popular urbanisms (new urbanism, landscape urbanism); been able to focus on some of my favorites (adaptive urbanism and open-source urbanism); and perhaps even coined a new urbanism or two (yuppie urbanism and Zipcar urbanism).

In case you missed an entry, or would like a simpler way of reviewing all the posts, I have created this handy to read eBook compilation of the 26 entries on my ABCs of Urbanism series.

ABCs of Urbanism

I would love to know which of my ABCs you found most interesting or compelling. Please leave me a comment indicating your favorite urbanism.

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Yuri Artibise

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  1. What an awesome presentation! I’m practically disappointed it won’t be printed. The graphics, layout, and production look so professional, it puts many things the city and it’s paid consultants produce to shame. Keep up the great work!

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