January’s Top Posts

Here are my top posts in order of unique page views from January 2011.

Did you catch-all of these posts the first time around? If not, here is your chance to read what others have found most interesting over the past month.

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  1. 11 Blogs for Urbanists
  2. ABCs of Urbanism eBook
  3. Urban Design in 10 Easy Steps
  4. Phoenix’s Midcentury Marvels Create a Sense of Place
  5. 7 Opportunities to Get Involved with the City of Phoenix
  6. 11 Things NOT To Do in 2011
  7. More Alphabets for Urbanists
  8. Resume
  9. The Magic is in the Mix: Rethinking Mixed-Use Urbanism
  10. Sustainable Housing: Being Green is NOT Enough

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Site Stats


Overall, I had 1,864 visitors and broke 10,000 pageviews for the first time, with 10,488.  This is 60% above December and due, in part, to an average of 5.63 pageviews per visit. This means that my readers stick around and read other posts and pages—a good thing for a blogger!

Traffic Source

  • Google (organic search):    30%
  • Twitter:     25%
  • Direct:     12%
  • RSS feed (Feedburner):     10%
  • Google Referral:     6%
  • Facebook:     5%
  • All Other Sources:    5%
  • UrbanismNews.com:    3%
  • Other Backlinks:    2%
  • Paper.li:     2%

Visitor Locations

I had visitors from 68 countries in January,  with the most coming from the US.  This is not surprising given that this is a US based blog (for now at least).  What is, however, is the comparatively few visitors came from Arizona.  While AZ topped the list, there were only 341 visitors from the state (18% of all visitors).  California was second with 162 and New York was third with 89. In all I had visitors from 44 states.  I would love to hit all 50; I guess I should write a post or two on places in Nevada and Arkansas, among others ;-).

After the US came Canada, with 161 visitors. The UK, Spain and France round out the top five of the 68 countries represented by my visitors. This long tail of readers is interesting. I had at least one visitor from countries as varied as Syria, Ukraine, Nepal, and New Caledonia. The fact that somebody siting in Damascus is reading what I write is pretty cool.


Yuri Artibise

Yuri Artibise is an experienced policy analyst, community engagement practitioner and social media specialist. I have a Master of Public Administration degree with over 10 years of public policy research, analysis, and advocacy experience.

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