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  • Carolpotteraz

    Let me help you! I am new to Phoenix. I take the light rail once a week from Mesa to Phoenix to walk around. That is how I am learning my new town

  • Christopherrr Pollard

    Hi there Yuri, my name is Chris, I’m from Australia and studying town planning. I have actually got an essay on Urbanism and was wondering if you could point me to some insightful articles on urbanism and urban geography.

    Don’t worry if you haven’t the time though..


    • Chris,

      Thanks for touching base. Your question is a big one. I read dozens of articles on urbanism each week and it would be difficult to narrow it down to a single list. I reccomend you lake a look at a few of my lists, especially 11 Blogs for Urbanists and 10 Books Every Urbanist Must Read. The books will give you a good grounding in urbanism and the blogs will help keep you up to date in the field.


  • Frederick Malouf

    Have you looked at currency modelling for not just sharing, but creating sustainable innvoations? Policies that afford status in this paradigm? Some links that may interest you:

    Look forward to chatting if you want to discuss.