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In addition to posting to this blog,  I also contribute to  for the following sites:


Yuri Artibise on Spacing Vancouver

I have previously written for the following sites:

Voices in the Square [SFU Public Square]

SFU Public Square, a signature initiative designed to spark, nurture and restore community connections, establishes Simon Fraser University as the go-to convener of serious and productive conversations about issues of public concern.

PlaceSpeak Blog

PlaceSpeak advances public consultation to a whole new level by enabling evidence-based decision-making by allowing citizens to influence the process in an open, safe, secure and transparent way.

Downtown Phoenix Journal

The DPJ caters to residents who support our downtown and savvy visitors who want to go where the locals go.  It offers a friendly, straightforward insider’s view of all things downtown, from world-class restaurants and museums to events to plan your day around.


PHXated was started by Bill Wyman in 2009 with commentary and news about the local politics, arts and media scene. If PHXated had a common philosophy, it was about helping to bring Arizona into the 21st century.

Downtown Voices Coalition

The DVC is an organization whose missions is “working for a sustainable Phoenix for everyone ~ para todos” The News and Views page has posts related to what is occurring in and around downtown Phoenix.