Friday 5: Articles for Urbanists [October 8th-14th]

This week’s curation of insights and interviews for urbanists

The 50 Coolest Fictional Cities- #2 Gotham City

The 50 Coolest Fictional Cities

  • Design: City As LabEverywhere, metropolises big and small are percolating with ideas on how to improve themselves, their apartment complexes, their bridges, their kindergartens, their beds.Here are some of the best. (New York Magazine)
  • The 50 Coolest Fictional CitiesSome of the most fantastic places only exist within the pages of books, the frames of films, the panels of comics, even the lyrics of songs. (Complex)
  • Back to the FutureJames Howard Kunstler offers a road map for tomorrow’s cities. (Orion Magazine)



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