The Latest Beer “Buzz”

People who know me know I like beer. People who know me well know that I especially like local craft beer,  This is why I was super excited to see a new beer hit the shelves of my local liquor store yesterday afternoon.

Beëlzebub is a Belgian-style Strong Amber Rye Ale

‘Beëlzebub’ is a Belgian-style Strong Amber Rye Ale. It is a limited edition collaboration ale produced by Deep Cover Brewers and Distillers and Legacy Liquor Store.

Why I am especially excited about this particular beer is that it is made with honey from hives on the rooftop of Athlete’s Village Housing Co-operative where I live. The hives are maintained by Hives for Humanity as part of a partnership with Legacy Liquor Store. I understand that some of the proceeds from the sale of the beer will go to support Hive for Humanity’s therapeutic beekeeping programming in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Beëlzebub Belgian-style Strong Amber Rye Ale DescriptionBeëlzebub Belgian-style Strong Amber Rye Ale Label

The beer is an extremely limited edition only available in bottles sold at Legacy Liquor store. I grabbed on of the first bottles for sale yesterday afternoon, and I must say that it is a complex and tasty ale that lives up to its multi-barrelled named.  It has a big and bold flavour with hints of clover and lemongrass—no due to the honey.  I found the sweetness of the honey played nicely with the pumpernickel flavours of the rye ale.

I must say that the beer had an extra special taste for me knowing that it was perhaps the most ‘local’ beer I have ever drank, with ingredients sourced mere metres away and exclusively sold less than two-blocks from my doorstep!

Yuri Artibise

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