Nightclub Urbanism: City Planning with a Backbeat

Here is a track from Urbanism in the House, a project by Helsinki-based architect Tuomas Toivonen that bridgesthe fields of architecture, urbanism and house music.

Urbanism in the House’ is a record—on vinyl!—that takes a smart look at modern architecture and urbanism.  It is delivered in Tuomas’ Finnish-accented rap and set to a metronomic house beat. While this may seem like a strange combination, it works extremely well; as Toivonen points out: house is the most architectural of genres 🙂

You can also hear it at Myspace, or buy it here. And there’s also an interview with Tuomas towards the end of the latest Monocle Weekly.

NOTE: While this is not offically part of my ABC’s of Urbanism series, thee title was to good to pass on!

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Yuri Artibise

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