Saturday 6: a special edition of what I've been reading this week

Sorry I missed my weekly Friday 5 feature yesterday. Several Christmas parties made less time for posts this past week. Nevertheless, I still managed to read my usual level of articles.  To make up for being a day late, I’ll include a bonus article this week. So here is the ‘Saturday 6’; a selection of articles I found interesting over the past week.

  • We define ourselves by our neighbourhoods. An interesting article about the importance of neighborhoods to a city’s urban fabric. The article focuses on Toronto, but the lessons are applicable to any city, including (especially?) Phoenix.
  • Reclaiming Urban Spaces. (Youtube Video) Paul White relates how cities like New York have reclaimed urban spaces from the car- and how the battle for clean, livable cities can be waged- and won. Recorded at TEDxEast on November 6, 2009 in New York City.

Hope you have a great holidays.  I’ll be spending much of the next two weeks with friends and family, so my blogging will be even more erratic than normal. One of my New Years Resolutions is to blog more regularly and with more original content.  Hope it sticks!

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Yuri Artibise

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