DPJ Article – Inside Downtown Voices Coalition

If you enjoy living, working or playing in downtown Phoenix, chances are you owe a thank you to the Downtown Voices Coalition.

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From Car Spaces to People Places: Park(ing) Day is coming to Phoenix

Park(ing) Day is coming to downtown Phoenix on Friday, September 18th, as community activists, neighborhood leaders and urban planners step up to the curb, put a quarter in the meter, and proceed to transform curbside metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

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Urban Textures

One of my favorite things about living in an urban environment are the multitude of textures than I come across on a daily basis. Often unseen and unnoticed, the textures of a city form the backdrop in front of which we conduct our lives. Textures makes a significant contribution to the expressive quality of a city. They impact how we relate to specific places, whether it be a distinct address, a neighborhood or an entire metropolitan area. Continue reading

DPJ Article – New Kids on the Block: Bioscience High School

Rising from the empty lots south of Roosevelt Row, Bioscience High School is an exciting addition to downtown Phoenix.

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DPJ Article – After Hours Creative: Recreating Downtown One Lot at a Time

The After Hours building is the only example of a small-scale, multi-use infill development around Downtown Phoenix.

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