Video: The Future of Cities

From Oscar Boyson on Medium:

Organic Filmmaking and City Re-Imagining

“What does “the future of cities” mean? To much of the developing world, it might be as simple as aspiring to having your own toilet, rather than sharing one with over 100 people. To a family in Detroit, it could mean having non-toxic drinking water. For planners and mayors, it’s about a lot of things — sustainability, economy, inclusivity, and resilience. Most of us can hope we can spend a little less time on our commutes to work and a little more time with our families. For a rich white dude up in a 50th floor penthouse, “the future of cities” might mean zipping around in a flying car while a robot jerks you off and a drone delivers your pizza. For many companies, the future of cities is simply about business and money, presented to us as buzzwords like “smart city” and “the city of tomorrow.”

Book Review: Streetfight — Handbook for an Urban Revolution

Streetfight—Handbook for an Urban Revolution

Streetfight offers an empowering road map for rethinking, reinvigorating, and redesigning city streets to work better for everybody that use them.

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Rorschach Cities

Earlier, I brought-you the Colour of Cities, features Flickr mash-ups.  This week it is time to play with Goole Maps.  Rorschmap is a Google Maps mashup by James Bridle that creates kaleidoscopic views of cities and other locations from around the world.

Rorschmap of Vancouver


Rorschmap of PhoenixPhoenix

Rorschmap of New York CityNew York City

Rorschmap of LondonLondon, UK

Rorschmap of TorontoToronto


Note: The kaleidoscope works best in Safari and Chrome on Mac. Firefox and iPhones/iPads will struggle. Not sure about PCs.

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