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Housing Co-ops and CHF BC on the Radio

Thom ArmstrongOn Tuesday, February 17, Thom Armstrong, executive director of the Co‑operative Housing Federation of BC, spoke on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s co-operatives show, Each For All.

Thom has a long history with co‑op housing. He developed co‑ops in Saskatchewan and Ontario. He has also served on the Board of CHF Canada and of the Co‑operative Housing Association of Ontario. Thom spent 10 years as CHF Canada’s Director of Corporate Affairs, before joining CHF BC in 2000. Thom also served on the board of the BC Co-op Association for 10 years.

His interview is a great introduction to the basics of BC housing co-ops and the role of CHF BC.

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About Each For All

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.46.58 PMIn May 2006, the Each For All: The Co-operative Connection (EFA) began airing. The project was started by staff working at the British Columbia Institute of Co-operative Studies (BCICS) with the blessing of its director Dr. Ian MacPherson. The support of BCICS, the dedication of the hosts and producers and countless volunteer hours has carried the project to where it is today.

Within the BCICS the project was coordinated by Robin Puga who also co-hosts and produces the show. In October 2008, Each For All underwent a reinvention of sorts. With producers and hosts moving and finding new employment the future of Each For All was in peril. Through a collective decision making process the BCICS staff made the recommendation that the core group of hosts form an informal collective to continue producing the show independant of the BCICS. The passion of the hosts and producers is to continue this project into the future and make it a community-lead co-operative effort of which the BC Institute for Co-operative Studies would be proud.

Yuri Artibise

Yuri Artibise is an experienced policy analyst, community engagement practitioner and social media specialist. I have a Master of Public Administration degree with over 10 years of public policy research, analysis, and advocacy experience.

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