Doris Koo: Preserving the Legacy of Co-operative Housing

Accomplished U.S. affordable housing developer Doris Koo (Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.) keynote presentation at the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada‘s 2013 annual meeting in Calgary, Alberta. She explains explains to 600 co-op delegates how Canada’s co-operative housing movement can leverage over $5 billion in real estate assets to innovate and grow.

Co-operative Housing: More than a Home [Video]

Canada’s 2,200 housing co-ops provide secure, self-determined, community-oriented affordable housing to a quarter of a million people with wide ranging incomes and backgrounds. This short documentary visits five housing co-ops across Canada, interviewing members and managers about how co-op housing transforms neighbourhoods and improves people’s lives.

More than a home

Look for clip of the First Avenue Athlete’s Village Housing Co-operative (where I live) at 0:19, 0:33, 1:18, 2:08, 5:17, and 5:38.

This video was produced by Novel Pictures for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada to commemorate the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives (IYC). It was selected as one of seven winners of the United Nations IYC Short Film Contest.

Housing Co-ops Build Community

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a housing co-op? This short video gives you a taste of co-op life as seen through the eyes of co-op members and show you how housing co-ops build community. You’ll also see how a membership association like the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC builds the community of housing co-ops in British Columbia.

The video was produced by Novel Pictures. Thanks to Vancity for its generous support and to our members for building communities we can all be proud of.