Good News for The Suburbs

Back in September, I posted about Canadian based rock band Arcade Fire’s album The Suburbs and their creative video for The Wilderness Downtown. On Sunday, the album won a well deserved, if unexpected, Album of the Year at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

At the time I wrote:

The entire album has an urban planning theme, which makes it all the more awesome. Canadian, interactive AND urbanist, what more could I want!?!

Six months later,The Suburbs has become one of my  favorites one of my most-played albums  (and indeed one of the few albums I listen to in its entirety and not as random songs on iTunes). If you haven’t already listened to it, I strongly recommend you do, especially if you grew up surrounded by sprawl.

Here is the video from the album’s title track, directed by Spike Jonze. It is an excerpt from the short film: Scenes From The Suburbs that premiered last Saturday at the Berlin International Film Festival. it will also play at next month’s SxSW festival in Austin.  Here’s hoping it comes to Phoenix soon!


From YouTube:

Taken from the short film: “Scenes From The Suburbs”

Director: Spike Jonze
DP: Greig Fraser
Editor: Jeff Buchanan
Additional Video Editing: Patrick Colman
Producer: Vince Landay
Producer: Arcade Fire
Production Company: MJZ
Sound Design/Mix – T. Terressa Tate @ The Royal T Room


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