June’s Urbanist Meetup is this Sunday at Caffè Brixton

Caffe Brixton

It’s time for June’s Vancouver Urbanist Meetup!

This month, we’ll be meeting on June 9th from 3-5pm at Caffè Brixton in Chinatown/Strathcona

Come out to enjoy a drink and be ready to discuss all things urban. Possible topics of conversation may include a FCM debrief, the new developments in Chinatown, the upcoming decision on the Viaducts and summer vacation plans

As always, feel free to drop in when you can and stay as long as you want. We will be there from 3 pm until at least 5 pm.

Yuri Artibise

Yuri Artibise is an experienced policy analyst, community engagement practitioner and social media specialist. I have a Master of Public Administration degree with over 10 years of public policy research, analysis, and advocacy experience.

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