September's Top Reads

Following some advice I read on Michael Hyatt‘s blog, here are my most viewed posts in September, sorted by descending page views. Although I wrote a few of these posts several months ago, they continue to be to be popular reads.

Did you catch them the first time around? If not here is your chance to  get caught up!

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  1. House for Sale in Central Phoenix
  2. About Yuri
  3. DIY Urbansim: City Building from the Bottom-Up
  4. Nightclub Urbanism: City Planning with a Backbeat
  5. Genius Loci In Practice
  6. From Car Spaces to People Places: PARK(ing) Day is returning to Phoenix
  7. The City is my Living Room
  8. Resume
  9. CityScape: Suburbanizing Downtown Phoenix
  10. Suicide Lanes Kill Communities

It was interesting to note that my ‘About Yuri’ page and Resume are in the top ten. Based on some other advice by Michael, I have spent some time revamping my About page and adding new content. It is still a work in progress, with plans for a video introduction and a beefed up bio to come. I have also updated my resume  in preparation for my move to Vancouver. I’d be interested in reading your opinion on both pages.

Question: What was your favorite post from the past month?

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