The ABC’s of Urbanism

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One of the pervasive trends in contemporary urban studies is the dramatic growth in terms ending with ‘urbanism.’ It seems like every urban thinker has come up with his or her own urbanism. Indeed, Jason King at landscape+urbanism has described this phenomenon as [Fill in the Blank] Urbanism and come up with his own lengthy list of urbanisms gleaned from a single Google search.

Some of the urbanisms are fanciful and esoteric; others are basic and rudimentary. But all have been seriously considered by at least one person. Indeed, if a term or concept is even remotely connected to a city, simply add ‘urbanism to the end and you’ll have a new theoretical construct to explore.

Over the next few months, I will be exploring an urbanism associated with each letter of the alphabet each Tuesday and Thursday. 26 posts covering 26 urban constructs. At the end of each post I will list other urbanisms associated with the letter in question.

Feel free to add your favorite urbanism as the posts progress.

Stay tuned. Letter ‘A’ will be posted on Thursday.

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