The Future According to Robert Crumb

The future according to Robert Crumb

In 1988, after the popular, but depressing 12-panel “A Short History of America” series went out of print, Robert Crumb added three panels to answer the “What next?” question posed in his original final 12th panel.  Although intended as an extension of the original series, this epilogue stands on its own.

The Future According to Robert Crumb

In these 3 panels, Crumb depicts three possible futures:

  1. “Worst Case Scenario: Ecological Disaster” an ecological wasteland;
  2. “The FUN Future: Techno fix on the march!” ‘Jetson’s’ like high-tech cities; and,
  3. “The Ecotopian Solution.” Hippie inspired rural communities.

Third in a three part series (Parts 1 and 2)

Yuri Artibise

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