Unlimited Cities [Weekend Watch]

making of : Unlimited Cities / Villes sans limiteI received the link to this video from Alain Renk.  Alain is from UFO—Urban Fabric Organisation. The video  showcases UFO’s Ville sans Limite (Unlimited Cities) initiative. Unlimited Cities is a participatory platform used by architect to enable citizens to change their neighborhood. It is a rapid prototyping tool that allows people to “bring their ideas and react to architectural or urbanistic proposals in a situated way.”

Some nights and restless days in a former factory in Montreuil in May and June 2011.

The initiative Unlimited Cities was presented by UFO for the first time in June 2011 during the french festival “Futur en Seine” in Paris. (English version – courtesy Google)

The prototype Unlimited Cities is the first step toward collaborative intelligence tools designed to enrich the debates on the future of our urban environments. For these discussions to be productive, it is necessary to build bridges between planning professionals and citizens who possess countless expertise and knowledge.

This request from professionals both great modesty and great ambition. Modesty, because the citizens listening can challenge many assumptions and habits. Ambition because collaborative urbanism is intended to invent new frameworks for match the stakes posed by the accelerated changes from one connected planet .

villes-sans-limite.org (to test the prototype, remember to connect with an iPhone or IPAD)

Cities Unlimited is a module of the collaborative research project Urband, supported by European funds FEDER in Paris Region, led by UFO with Preview, Think-Out and 3 research laboratories : Telecom ParisTech, LAA CNRS and LIPN Paris 13

Alain Renk for UFO

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