Vancouver Consults Commuters—on Facebook!

I came across this recently launched consultation initiative by the City of Vancouver and UBC (my alma mater!) the other day.

While I do not think that online consultation should (or will) ever complete;y replace public hearings and town hall meetings, initiative like this do give residents who wouldn’t otherwise participate an new avenue to provide input.

Exploring Vancouver’s Transportation Future, in Facebook

Exploring Vancouver’s Transportation Future Advertisment

Vancouver drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and transit riders are invited to a Facebook event to advise the City of Vancouver & help shape the future of transportation in our city.

Starting May 31, residents and commuters will discuss key issues – like health, affordability, economy, and the environment – in small Facebook groups. Each group will work together to evaluate strategies and propose directions for the City’s Transportation Plan.

Discussion groups will run for two weeks (May 31‐June 14) followed by a chance to promote your ideas through Facebook sharing and commenting (June 14‐21). The conversation is drawing from public input received during previous public consultations, such as the Greenest City planning process.

Exploring Vancouver’s Transportation Future is a partnership of the City of Vancouver and Greenest City Conversations, a University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University group that is hosting and researching innovative public conversations about Vancouver’s sustainability future.

This online discussion will:

  1. Inform a draft Transportation Plan being developed by the City of Vancouver
  2. Provide residents, commuters and businesses an opportunity to share and hear different points of view about transportation in Vancouver
  3. Pilot a new methodology for engaging the public on city‐wide issues

Results of the Facebook event and other public transportation conversations this spring will be integrated into a draft Transportation Plan by the City of Vancouver, which will then go back to the public for feedback in early 2012. Event results will also be publicly shared and discussed in Facebook.

Exploring Vancouver’s Transportation Future is one a number of public conversations being held this spring about transportation, find out more at

If you live in or near Vancouver and would like to participate in this novel effort, click here:

Exploring Vancouver’s Transportation Future

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