More Alphabets for Urbanists

Thanks to all of you who followed my ABC’s of Urbanism series or downloaded the compilation eBook that I recently published. The reception so far has been great!

For those of you who haven’t gotten enough of the alphabet yet, here are a few other urban planning related alphabet lists out there, each with a slightly different twist:

Photo Credit: Michael Verhoef (nettsu) on Flickr

The Planning ABC’s by Laurence Gerckens

Last year, the Planning Commissioner’s Journal published a similar series by planning historian Laurence Grecians. This series provides an informative overview of 26 urban planning topics from Automobile to Zoning, along with original illustrations by Paul Hoffman.

The 26 posts are available free online on the PCJ site, or you can download the complete set in pdf format for $7.95.

The Urban Landscape from A to Z

In her 2010 year-end roundup, Sarah Goodyear (@buttermilk1), the cities editor for Grist, published an A to Z list of the urban ground the site covered in 2010 (along with a couple of peeks ahead). It’s a great list of issues that anybody interested in the current state of out cities should be familiar with.

ABC’s of 21st Century Cities

Cynthia Frewen Wuellner (@urbanverse), a Kansas City based architect just started this month-long series. She plans on marrying her background as an architect with her interest in the future to try to understand where our cities are headed.

Throughout the month of January, Cynthia will  offer us an alphabet of future cities, twenty-six slices that reveal, explore, and imagine what we might build and how we might live, work, and play in 2020, 2030, or 2050. She’s only on the letter C (co-creating), but I’m hooked already!

Yuri Artibise

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