The Creation of Politics [Video]

From the  Kettering Foundation:

The Creation of Politics is a short animated video that was produced by a team at the Kettering Foundation in collaboration with Momentum, Inc., artist and illustrator Danijel Zezelj, and MainSail Productions. It brings to life an archetypal flood story that imagines how politics was first created—and why.

The story is designed to be universal—one that belongs to all times, all people, all cultures. People in communities everywhere face difficult problems and must weigh the costs and benefits of potential actions and then decide how to act together. It counters the idea that public deliberation is some kind of new technique to be used on communities and encourages a notion of democracy that is citizen-centered.

Yuri Artibise

Yuri Artibise is an experienced policy analyst, community engagement practitioner and social media specialist. I have a Master of Public Administration degree with over 10 years of public policy research, analysis, and advocacy experience.

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