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ChangeVia PlaceFocus:

There are many theories about how to “do” change. Many originate with leadership and change management guru, John Kotter and the eight-step change process in his 1995 book, “Leading Change.”

  1. Create Urgency: spark the initial motivation to get things moving.
  2. Form a Powerful Coalition: managing change isn’t enough – you have to lead it.
  3. Create a Vision for Change: consolidate your many great ideas and solutions into an overall vision that people can grasp easily and remember.
  4. Communicate the Vision: don’t just call special meetings to communicate your vision, talk about it every chance you get.
  5. Remove Obstacles: is anyone resisting the change? And are there processes or structures that are getting in its way?
  6. Create Short-Term Wins: Nothing motivates more than success.
  7. Build on the Change: don’t declare victory too early. Real change runs deep.
  8. Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture: finally, to make any change stick, it should become part of the core of your organization.

Learn more about these steps, and how they can be applied to place-making in this great post on PlaceFocus.

Yuri Artibise

Yuri Artibise is an experienced policy analyst, community engagement practitioner and social media specialist. I have a Master of Public Administration degree with over 10 years of public policy research, analysis, and advocacy experience.

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