Friday 5: Revolutions and Urbanism

This week’s articles focus on the role of urbanism and public space had in the unrest in the Middle East:

  • A Public Square in EgyptLiberation Squares: How urban space, specifically spaces of public assembly, reflects the political priorities of those in power and enhances or prohibits social change. (Urban Omnibus)

Bonus Entry:

  • Design and History of Tahrir Square: With the recent Egyptian protests and with Tahrir Square entering the popular American lexicon, here is some background about the design, history, and spirit of the place. (Dwell)


Super Bonus Entry:

Sarah Goodyear at Grist was one of the first to make the connection between urbanism and revolution in Egypt.  In fact she was so quick out of the gates that I overlooked her article in the above list. Here it is:


Yuri Artibise

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